7 ingredients for Cracked Dry Heels

March 6, 2010

Just what can CURE Cracked, Dry Heels and feet like the ones in these pictures?

Well, in order to discuss the 7 ingredients that are proven to do so, we have separated the job into 3 categories.  Each of these categories must be satisfied, in order for a product to ACTUALLY WORK. (1 product that contains all these is listed at the bottom of the page)

The categories are:

1.) The treatment of deep cracked and dry skin.

2.) The soothing and comforting of damaged, irritated skin.

3.) The hydration and nourishing of dry skin cells.

Each of these categories is outlined below, along with the ingredients that fulfill them.  Before reading about them, take a look at the proof… customer pictures from Dermagist.com

Category #1: Treat and heal the damaged, cracked and dry skin

These ingredients focus on accomplishing this task and do it WELL.

Super Sterol Liquid.  This ingredient is well documented in the treatment of dry, damaged skin.  Its use in the best hand creams and leading foot creams has it’s name easily recognizable by industry experts and informed consumers alike.  Its ablity to repair damaged tissue while rebuilding a protective layer, or “barrier layer” as it is sometimes called, makes it the perfect cornerstone to a medical grade foot cream.

Neem Oil – Neem oil is one of the most widely searched for natural ingredient.  It has so many uses the people of India call the Neem Tree, “The Village Pharmacy.”  It’s use in skin care is also well documented as it is an anti-fungal, an important and common cause of foot skin conditions.  It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, and has proven to be highly effective in the soothing and healing of dry cracked skin.

Karanja Oil- Another all natural ingredient that is well documented in the treatment of cracked and dry heels.  Karanja oil’s primary function is to promote wound healing and its use is documented not only in foot creams, but also in the treatment of ulcers, psoriasis and dandruff.  When combined with Neem Oil, the two ingredients achieve unparalleled success.

Category #2: Soothe and Comfort damaged or irritated skin

This is the spa treatment portion of the foot cream.  Each of these ingrediens has both a medical as well as aromatherapeutic reason for its inclusion, a luxurious touch on the part of Dermajuv.

Manuka Oil – Manuka Oil is an antihistamine and it rapidly removes the itchiness, irritation or skin of dry cracked skin.  Within moments of application and pain or discomfort will be erased with the foot and heel revitalizing cream.

Eucalyptus Oil - Eucalytus Oil is well known for its cooling and revitalizing qualities.  That soothing scent that removes exhaustion and erases mental sluggishness is known to most as an anti stress treatment.  But Eucalyptus also is a highly effective antiseptic.  Eucalyptus is used in the treatment of wounds, burns, ulcerns, cuts  and abbraisions.  It provides a wonderful dualality in this foot cream.

Pepermint Oil – Known for its relaxing and rejuvenating scent as well as its use in candy, Peppermint Oil has been being used as a medical treatment for over 10 thousand years.  It contains Menthol which has a cooling, comforting sensation for the skin.   It also adds a level of pain relief to this foot cream which makes it even more exciting.

Category #3: Hydrate and Nourish the skin cells

Repairing the damage and soothing the feet is only as good as long as it continues to last.  Dermajuv knows this and rounds out this allstar line up of active ingredients with deep hydration and protective sealing.

Shea Butter, along with other blends of moisturizers, is the final touch that this Foot and Heel Revitalizing Cream puts on this treatment.  Shea Buttter is widely known for its deep and thorough moisturizing, but it also creates a protective, almost moisture protective seal on the skin, which makes it the ideal ingredient for a quality foot cream.

So does any product contain ALL 7 of these ingredients?

Dermajuv's Heel and Foot Cream contains all 7 ingredients and more. Click the bottle to visit their page.

YES!  The Dermajuv Foot & Heel Revitalizing Cream contains all 7 of these powerhouse ingredients, and comes with the peace-of-mind of buying from a company with the scientific background that Dermajuv boasts.  Not only are feet healed and deeply moisturized, but they are also relaxed and cooled with all natural ingredients.

We HIGHLY recommend using this product if you suffer from moderate to severely dry and cracked feet and heels.  The product is luxurious and rich, while still providing the therapeutic treatment you’d expect from a more “medicinal” product.  On the contrary, this “spa like” product pampers the foot and heals it aggressively too.

A major breakthrough in foot care, it costs about $34 unless you get two, as they give you a discounted price of $27.49.  The bottle lasts for over a month so it’s pretty cheap.  Buy dermajuv foot and heel cream here.

Click here to buy or learn more about Dermajuv’s Foot & Heel Revitalizing Cream

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